The phenomenon of hyperinflation

Venezuela's economy has progressively plummeted down a spiral of severe hyperinflation due to the economic crisis as a reusult of a corrupted and negligent government. According to the International Monetary Fund, inflation rates can reach an all time high of over 10,000,000% this year. This has brough a severe deficit on the circulation of banknotes, which at the same time do not have the capacity of covering the prices of good and services due to their now low and insufficient denomination. 

Our project

The Hyperinflation Project was born as a way to create a symbolic protest and raise awareness on the critical sociopolitical and economic situation in Venezuela 

When dreamers gather

All it took was one idea- that might have sounded crazy at the time- and a group of people who believed that small actions could bring significant results.

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Meet The Team

Katherine Hasegawa

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Founder and CEO

I’m an International Business Management graduate at Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge, UK. 

Social Entrepreneur & 

Human Rights Advocate.

Jamy Ayala

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Program Coordinator


I’m a history student at the

Universidad Central de Venezuela.

Economic researcher &

Contemporary Dancer

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