Venezuela is rich in beauty, minerals and oil. Indeed, Venezuela has the largest oil reserve on the planet, more than Saudi Arabia and Iran. Yet we have been plunged into a socio-economic tragedy which has impacted on most Venezuelans. 

The phenomenon of hyperinflation

The mismanagement of Venezuela's economy since the discovery of oil and the negligence of those in power has led to hyperinflation.

As a result of hyperinflation, the Venezuelan currency has lost its value. It has been reduced to a mere paper, which we have decided to use artistically to show our country's crisis.

Academics have described hyperinflation as an atomic bomb.

When hyperinflation spirals out of control, it creates a crisis.

Those who survive such an extreme event 'never find words to describe the panic that envelops the nation during these rare historical moments. People's salaries, if not lifelong savings, evaporate in a matter of hours' (Moyo & Crafford, 2010). This brings impoverishment.

Our project

This project was born as a way to create a symbolic mean to raise awareness of the critical socio-political and economic situation in Venezuela 

Cambridge University Presentation

"The dress was created to provide a visual representation of the problem; a problem which I firmly believe can be solved if we, as a privileged, compassionate community, come together."

Meet The Team


Katherine Hasegawa

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Founder and CEO

I’m an International Business Management graduate at Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge, UK. 

Social Entrepreneur & 

Human Rights Advocate.


Jamy Ayala

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Program Coordinator


I’m a history student at the

Universidad Central de Venezuela.

Economic researcher &

Contemporary Dancer

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