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Venezuela is rich in beauty, minerals and oil. Indeed, Venezuela has the largest oil reserve on the planet, more than Saudi Arabia and Iran. Yet we have been plunged into a socio-economic and environmental tragedy which has impacted on most Venezuelans. 

Ideas for Venezuela

was born as a way to crowdsource, develop and deliver creative ideas that raise awareness of some of the most pressing issues resulted from the mismanagement of Venezuela’s natural and mineral resources.


To name some of the issues, the Venezuela's hyperinflation, the diaspora and forced displacement of the indigenous communities and the ecocide taking place at the Orinoco Mining Arc at the Venezuela Amazon rainforest.

How do we act?

We fusion Art & Activism to convey our messages.

From money-dresses exhibitions to webinars and workshop delivery, we offer a combination of engaging educational activities which invite participants (mostly from European countries) to learn more about Venezuela whilst also stimulating a culture of creativity and action.

Our projects

Hyperinflation in Venezuela 

(2019 - on going)

No to Venezuelan Blood Gold (2022 - on going)

Cambridge University Presentation

"The dress was created to provide a visual representation of the problem; a problem which I firmly believe can be solved if we, as a privileged, compassionate community, come together."

Meet The Team


Katherine Hasegawa

  • LinkedIn

Founder and CEO

I’m an International Business Management graduate at Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge, UK. 

Social Entrepreneur & 

Human Rights Advocate.


Jamy Ayala

  • Instagram

Program Coordinator


I’m a history student at the

Universidad Central de Venezuela.

Economic researcher &

Contemporary Dancer

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