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Money-dress exhibition and collections at Histon & Impington Feast Festival

Updated: Mar 18, 2021

Every year Histon & Impington celebrates local fairs. This year, the Cambridge's Venezuelan Community (VeneCam) ran a bake sales and raised money for schools in Venezuela. The organisers took this opportunity to speak out about the Venezuela's utterly economy crisis too.

As part of the committee board members of VeneCam, I offered to display the money-dress at our stall. This exhibition really grabbed the attention of attendees who walked by. Most people did not expect the dress to be made of real money, much less, representing hyperinflation.

The solidarity and curiosity of attendees were very encouraging. We engaged in lots of exciting conversation from economics, politics to culture. Thanks to the collective efforts from volunteers, attendees and H&I' fair organizers, we raised £400 for, a charity based in the UK, which, in partnership with local NGO's, supports Venezuelan children through education and healthcare programmes.

This was certainly a different event.

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