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Change lives through art

Katherine Hasegawa is a Venezuelan ARTivist living in Cambridge since 2015. She has always been passionate for social entrepreneurship, education and equality which led her to graduate as an International Business Management bachelor from Anglia Ruskin University with honors. 

During her college years she was the founder and president of the Latin-american Society, then she got involved in the process of project-building when she co-founded the Money Festival (2020) aimed at offering financial education for young adults. The Money Festival earned ARU's award for the best project of the year in 2021.

Giving a voice to Venezuelans and creating awareness about her country's reality and current situation has always been Katherine's objective. She had decided to be a light to guide people through the reality of her country through artistic representations like the Money Dress, part of the Hyperinflation Project, and a new dress to create awareness of the situation in the Orinoco Mining Arch.

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