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How to change the world with better financial awareness - Money Festival 2020

Updated: Jan 23

This world will not be the same after Coronavirus. The economic fallout from Covid-19 will be dramatic. It will be important to shift the academic curriculum to reflect the importance of financial education and resilience.

Teaching people financial literacy is important for two reasons. First, to ensure they are financially resilient. Secondly, they become aware of a problem that impacts on the globe - poverty.

By 2015, estimates showed that 1.1 billion people live in abject poverty. For instance, people in the US, Venezuela and Pakistan survive on less than US$1.90 a day. Poverty rates may increase during the pandemic outbreak. As well as, due to climate change.

What is Money Festival 2020?

It is a series of free webinars and workshops that stimulate participants to think about money in different ways.

Methods like money-art are used to explore issues of poverty and inequality. Issues about the world economy are addressed - e.g. hyperinflation, and also open discussions on less complex concepts such as currency, money and wealth are guided by experts.

As part of the annual competition, attendees will be challenged to submit artworks expressing their relationship with money, in creative, responsible and sustainable ways.

Mission: To enable friendly spaces and resources to increase financial education among young adults whilst promoting the UN’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Vision: The achievement of SDG 1 – No Poverty & SDG4 - Quality Education.

Overview of the event

Co-founders Katherine (BSc Hons) and Cristina (B&L faculty Rep) will lead the event in collaboration with final year Tourism Management students: Tetyana, Vittoria, Eve and Anousheh. Special support from ARU’ Student Union, Business and Law (B&L) faculty-student engagement and friends.

Competition: The event will close by awarding attendees for their original money-art ideas related to the competition theme “Overcoming Poverty through Money-Art”.

From 1st February till 1st March 2021.

Join this exciting competition - do not miss out!

Find more details HERE. 👈 💸💰

Event details: Live webinars are held online on MS Teams - during Jan/Feb 2021. Sessions will last for approximately 1 hour, including time for Q&A.


Sign up for a free ticket and you'll instantly receive a booking confirmation! The event joining link will be sent out closer to the event, so keep checking your email (also make sure it's not in your Junk folder)!

Want to contribute to this project?

Do please connect with us today: Instagram @moneyfestival2020 and LinkedIn

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