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Catwalk show calling out ARU’ students

Updated: Dec 20, 2020

The money-dress was first displayed at Anglia Ruskin University's Global Week 2019. Global Week is an annual event that celebrates worldwide diversity.

The catwalk performance started with a video that shows Venezuela's beauty, followed by images showing the precarious conditions that the Venezuelans live as consequences of hyperinflation. I gratefully acknowledge Zheko Georgiev's help making most visual materials for this event and genuinely supporting this project from its origins.

The message delivered on the night was about fighting intrepidly and bravely for justice, and for being that change, we all want to see in this world.

I emphasized that young people should not seek a life where the goal is money. After all, money can become worthless as it is represented by my dress. Most importantly, I called on students to strive to build a life surrounded by genuine friendships, pursue a noble mission, and make decisions today about how they want to live their lives in the years to come. Ultimately, I wanted to show with my own experience that the "true work of art" is not the dress but what we do with our lives.

Listen to the full speech in this link: click here.

This event resulted from a joined collaboration with ARU' Student Union, my teacher Dr Imko Menyenburg who represented ARU's Centre for Pluralist Economics, family and friends who collected and carried the banknotes to the UK. Thank you all!!

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