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Money-dress demonstration at the Sustainable Art Prize (SAP)

Updated: Dec 11, 2022

The Sustainability Art Prize is an annual competition run by the Cambridge School of Art and the Global Sustainability Institute (GSI) at Anglia Ruskin University.

I was invited to wear the dress in the SAP exhibition's private view, which I gladly accepted.

On the day of the event, I was very nervous to walk into that room full of professional artists. Let's remember that I am an ordinary business student who just stapled banknotes on a dress. This invitation resulted only from approaching ARU' School of Art looking for art students to help me set and run a craft workshop with surplus Venezuelan banknotes.

I was fortunate to have my family's support during the exhibition, giving me the strengths to get out of the changing room and give my best out there (see my dear aunt in the photo holding my hand).

It was fascinating to meet people making great efforts for a more sustainable world while representing it through art. Indeed, it was a wonderful occasion and connected with the project that I recently decided to embark on. Many exciting pieces of art were exhibited and made by students, who demonstrated with their creativity that to achieve sustainability, all it takes is determination, passion and compassion.

Thanks, ARU' School of Art for organising such an incredible event.

If you wonder how I have managed to get into so many events, all I can tell you is that the desire to create a community more engaged has provided me with many opportunities. After all, social engagement is a powerful motor for human evolution and societal health.

I still hold those surplus banknotes I mentioned at the beginning. I am happy to give them away to make thought-provoking pieces of money-art. Do you want to join me on making an impact with money?

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